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Navigating the Final Leg: Unlocking On-Carriage Charges for a Seamless Experience

Your long-awaited goods have arrived on your shores, and the journey to your doorstep is nearly complete. However, a few charges still stand between your shipment and its final destination. In this phase known as “On-Carriage,” we will explore these charges and guide you through the last steps of your shipping experience.

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The On-Carriage Odyssey Begins

As your goods approach their ultimate destination, it’s time to unravel the charges associated with On-Carriage. These charges are the bridge between the port and your door, and understanding them is vital to ensure a smooth transition for your shipment.


Terminal Handling Charge (THC): Double Handling, Double Charges

Prepare yourself for the potential surprise of having two sets of handling charges on your invoice. This is because various terminals are involved in loading and unloading your freight, and each terminal may impose its own Terminal Handling Charge.


Delivery Order: Unlocking Your Cargo

The Delivery Order fee is your key to freeing your goods from the ocean carrier and entrusting them to the nominated trucker. In the case of an EXW scenario, where the freight forwarder handles the final trucking portion, you may or may not encounter this charge.


Delivery/Inland Transport: The Last Leg

The trucks on the delivery side of your journey need their due. They will charge for the pickup of your goods from the port, making sure that your cargo safely continues its journey to your door.


Fuel Surcharge: A Variable Factor

Much like the charge at the origin, the Fuel Surcharge is a familiar term. However, this time, it’s calculated as a percentage of the gross linehaul trucking charges. Since it involves different truckers, mileages, and often different countries, the amount and calculation may differ, so it’s essential to be prepared.


Detention and Demurrage: Time Matters

Detention and Demurrage are charges that become significant if your container and goods face delays in getting moved within the specified time, often referred to as the “Last Free Day.” These charges can accumulate rapidly, potentially costing thousands of dollars. Therefore, it’s crucial to work with partners who can ensure your goods are swiftly moved out of the port to avoid such costs.


Customs Clearance and Duties: The Final Hurdles

Completing the journey requires dealing with the formalities. Customs Clearance fees are charged by your broker for handling the clearance process with customs authorities, ensuring your goods meet all regulations. Customs Duties are assessed based on the type of goods you imported and the applicable regulations, typically as a percentage of the goods’ value.


Choose IDP Cargo Bali for a Hassle-Free On-Carriage Experience

As you navigate the complexities of On-Carriage and approach the finish line of your shipping journey, IDP Cargo Bali is here to make the final leg as smooth as possible. With our expertise and commitment to your cargo’s safety and efficiency, we offer a reliable On-Carriage service that’s second to none.


Ready to ensure the seamless transition of your goods from port to door? Contact IDP Cargo Bali today and experience a world of reliability, efficiency, and professionalism. Your journey ends with us; trust your cargo to the best.

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