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What Exactly Are White Glove Services?

White glove services are the services offered in transportation management that go beyond the standard expectations for delivery. While a consumer may be pleased with seeing a package sitting on the front doorstep when returning home, it is at an added risk. A criminal could have stolen the package, or the package’s contents could perish. White glove services must go beyond the standard delivery in transportation management, and consumers are pushing this trend forward.

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Setting Realistic Expectations in White Glove Service

Part of the problem and challenge in offering white glove services in last-mile logistics comes from setting unrealistic expectations. Shippers need to know what to expect when implementing white glove services in last-mile delivery. While part of this service still relies on the traditional definition of “white glove-wearing delivery professionals,” it must also encompass the ability to interact with drivers and consumers throughout the journey of a shipment. Inbound Logistics, companies, and shippers looking to implement white glove services should follow these steps:

  1. Define the key handling characteristics of white-glove services. This includes things like automated scanning, notifications, or alerts. It should also include touchpoints with consumers.
  2. Use Metrics to Track Performance. Performance measurement is key to ensuring white glove services are being used and living up to their potential and value.
  3. Prepare for the worst-case scenario. This allows shippers to plan for every possibility and keep customers happy.
  4. Define liability. Although it may seem irrelevant, defining liability is key to ensuring carriers and shippers understand the terms and services set forth when using white glove services in transportation management.


IDP Cargo is determined to become a globally competitive forwarder & logistics company with excellent service and oriented to customer satisfaction in Indonesia.


IDP Cargo attempt to realize the vision through five missions, that is:

  1. Making each person be excellent continues to grow and provide benefits for themselves, family, and the environment.
  2. We believe that providing an easy and efficient shipping process can reduce costs.
  3. We will always create a service full of innovation, consistency, and provide added value for customers.
  4. Make sustainable business for shareholder
  5. Upholding social responsibility according to the Tri Hita Karana concept. Following the concept, there are three reasons for prosperity: humans to God relationship, human-to-human relationship, and human to environment relationship as a means of creating happiness.


We are F.A.S.T 


  • Our goal is to help our customers provide the best solutions and support them in a long-term partnership. Therefore we focus on customer happiness with a personal approach, that is a sincere smile, a warm greeting, providing polite service, and enthusiasm for work.


  • We are your number one shipping partner. We will continue to develop better product and service experience and innovation, so customers can control the shipping of goods before, during, and after being sent by air or sea service.

Supporting local industry

  • We guarantee and ensure the best service experience for our customers. Our employees are ready to help customers to measure the volume of goods and prepare complete document procedures. And providing the best price estimates according to customer needs.


  • We are fully reliable based on our customer testimonials. We offer the best service experience for handling, packing, and shipping your goods safely, and securely from the place of origin to the destination.


  • Help us to support our program. REDUCE – REUSE – RECYCLE. Now We Campaign for Planting a Tree!


  • We will always create service experiences that are oriented towards customer satisfaction, with the result that supporting long-term partnerships. By continuing to develop and innovate, we believe that the company will continue to grow so that its shareholders, employees, and partners will be prosperous.


  • We are always happy to share our culture with customers. We will be happy to invite them to come and explain our culture when they are here.


  • IDP Cargo team will continue to contribute to small craftsmen to be able to sell and market their products. We want to continue to grow and expand our services and make it easy for customers to access by opening new offices so that we can open up job opportunities and our commitment can make an impact on the surrounding society.

IDP Cargo Enterprise Strategy

Teamwork, Continuous Improvement & Innovation


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