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Freight Less Container Load

IDP Cargo’s Less Container Load (LCL) Services offers a dependable and cost-effective solution for shipping freight. Our comprehensive range of services includes packing, moving, customs clearance, and delivery, all tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers. Our hassle-free and efficient process is supported by a global network of warehouses and options for door-to-door delivery. With competitive rates, customers can be assured of getting the best value for their money whether shipping for business or pleasure. Our team of professionals is committed to providing a seamless experience and peace of mind to customers.

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Bali Imports

Types of Products that Can Be Shipped with IDP Cargo’s LCL Services

IDP Cargo’s LCL Services offer a comprehensive range of shipping solutions for a variety of products, including:

  1. Automotive Parts: our services can transport body kits, brake pads, suspensions, and more with ease.
  2. Electronics: we can help you ship electronics like computers, TVs, and gaming consoles quickly and safely.
  3. Furniture: our LCL services are perfect for shipping all types of furniture, from couches and dining room sets to beds and dressers.
  4. Clothing: we make it simple to ship clothing items, including t-shirts, jeans, dresses, and suits.
  5. Toys: our LCL services are ideal for shipping toys, such as dolls, action figures, board games, and puzzles.
  6. Customs: our LCL services offer cost-effective solutions for shipping custom products, including boats, cars, furniture, food, and pharmaceuticals.

It’s important to note that we can transport any item that fits within our container sizes, and we offer specialized services for hazardous and oversized cargo. Whether you need to send a single item or a full shipment, IDP Cargo’s LCL Services have got you covered. It’s essential to be aware of relevant regulations.

Less Container Load (LCL)

LCL (Less Container Load):

Length x Width x Height = CBM

Light Goods: Furniture Handicraft add 15cm every side
Heavy Goods: Stone add 20 cm every side

Sea freight container 40ftSea freight container 40hcSea freight container 20ft


Tracking Your Shipment with IDP Cargo’s LCL Services

Tracking your shipment with IDP Cargo’s LCL services is easy and convenient. Here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Contact IDP Cargo: Get in touch with IDP Cargo’s customer service team to get all the information you need about Less Container Load services and answer any questions you may have.
  2. Get a Quote: Ask the customer service team for a quote. IDP Cargo will provide you with a competitive quote for your consideration.
  3. Book Your Shipment: Once you’ve decided on a quote, book your shipment with IDP Cargo. The customer service team will provide you with all the necessary paperwork to complete the process.
  4. Prepare Shipment: Follow IDP Cargo’s instructions to prepare your shipment. This includes packing it securely and labeling it properly. Alternatively, you can use IDP Cargo’s packing services.
  5. Documentation and Regulation Awareness: Make sure you’re aware of all the necessary documentation and regulations that apply to your shipment.
  6. Pick Up Your Shipment: Arrange for IDP Cargo to pick up your shipment. We will provide you with all the necessary pickup information.
  7. Delivery: Once your shipment is in transit, IDP Cargo will keep you updated on its status until it reaches its destination.
  8. Track Your Shipment: Use IDP Cargo’s tracking system to monitor your shipment’s progress and receive regular updates.
  9. Received: Once your shipment has been delivered, IDP Cargo’s customer service team will be available to answer any questions or concerns you may have about the delivery process.

Cost-Effective and Efficient using LCL Services from IDP Cargo

If you’re looking for a shipping solution that is both affordable and reliable, look no further than IDP Cargo’s LCL services! Here are some reasons why you should choose IDP Cargo:

  1. Cost Savings: Our LCL services provide cost-effective solutions for customers, offering highly competitive rates that help reduce operational costs. You can save money without sacrificing quality.
  2. Time Savings: We offer fast, reliable and efficient deliveries that help customers save time and money. You can rest easy knowing your shipment will arrive on time.
  3. Flexibility: With IDP Cargo, you get to choose your preferred shipping methods and routes, allowing you to customize your shipping needs. We are flexible and can accommodate your unique requirements.
  4. Reliability: Our LCL services are reliable and secure, ensuring your cargo is safe and sound throughout its journey. You can trust us to take care of your shipment from start to finish.
  5. Tracking and Monitoring: We provide customers with access to real-time tracking and monitoring of their shipments so they can stay informed at all times. You can always know where your shipment is and when it will arrive.
  6. Customer Service: Our experienced customer service teams are available to provide assistance and guidance throughout the entire process. You can rely on us to answer any questions or concerns you may have.
  7. Quality Assurance: We guarantee quality assurance for all LCL services, ensuring that you receive the highest quality of service and satisfaction. You can expect nothing but the best from IDP Cargo.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to learn more about our LCL services and how we can help you with your shipping needs!

Maximizing Efficiency with Air Freight Shipping

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Looking for an efficient way to transport goods? Look no further than IDP Cargo Air Freight Shipping! By using our service, businesses can enjoy a range of benefits.

Streamlining the Air Freight Shipping Process

IDP Cargo in Bali

Looking for an efficient way to streamline your air freight shipping process? IDP Cargo has got you covered! By using our service, businesses can enjoy a wide range of benefits

Air Freight Shipping Costs

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Customer Feedback

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Dewi IndrianiDewi Indriani
14:42 04 May 24
13:18 24 Feb 24
Thank you my products reached safe and it was contain glass vases, good costumer serivce 👍👍
Mardi MorrisMardi Morris
03:54 20 Jan 24
This service was 100% 5 star!. We were personally driven around to hand pick out our beautiful forever pieces for our 20ft container. The extra services we valued was a confident Bali speaking/negotiating host, all costs were transparent, goods were of high quality and beautifully made 🙏🏻. Communication from shopping-shipping-delivery was also a 5 star service ✨. I would absolutely recommend this company to help you shop, ship and deliver your forever pieces 🌴
Aball's RizkyAball's Rizky
01:45 21 Sep 23
Jeremy FultheimJeremy Fultheim
11:26 06 Sep 23
Shipped personal goods from Indo to Aus. The team at IDP Cargo were sensational. Very clear and timely communication, excellent service, fair prices. 10/10
Antonio BravoAntonio Bravo
03:37 07 Aug 23
This is to recognize the outstanding customer service provided by IDB Cargo in helping us navigate the unknown waters of shipping a statue in a wooden crate from Bali to Singapore. This was a first time effort by us and there were so many unknown details to sort through. IDB stepped-up and helped us at every step, from helping to arrange pick-up of the crate from our hotel, to coordinating with us and our receiving agent in Singapore. IDB Cargo Bali is outstanding and will be our first choice for any other shipment in the future.
03:30 18 Apr 23
IDP Cargo were excellent in helping me with shipping my container from Bali to USA.Packed it beautifully, nothing broke and I had some stone pieces I was concerned about.They are a smaller outfit that gives you very personal service.Will be using them again on my next shipment for sure!
Nathan FenechNathan Fenech
06:50 18 Jul 19
I approached Bali Shipping Cargo on my last trip to Bali May 2019 after I purchased 3 very large statues from Ubud.The process was seamless, Oka handled everything from pickup to delivery to Australia.Today they arrived at my residence. Well packed and free from damage.Very efficient and friendly service, and great communication on delivery dates and progress reports.Highly recommended.


Easy to contact 24-hour/7-day and with hearts through our Freight Consultant P Number, E-Mail or Website.


Easy to contact 24-hour/7-day and with hearts through our Freight Consultant P Number, E-Mail or Website.


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