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Certificate of Analysis: Female Chemist

What is Certificate of Analysis (COA) for?

When it comes to shipping goods internationally, ensuring the quality and safety of your products is paramount. One critical aspect that arises during this process is the requirement for...

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CARM: export to Canada

Navigating CARM: Shipping Guide to Canada for Bali Exporters

Shipping to Canada comes with its own set of regulations and procedures, and the introduction of the CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management (CARM) initiative has brought about significant changes....

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Main Carriage

Navigating the Seas of Main Carriage: Unveiling Ocean Freight Charges

When your goods set sail on the vast ocean expanse, the next leg of their journey, known as “Main Carriage,” comes into focus. This phase involves charges directly associated...

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Demystifying Pre-Carriage in International Shipping with IDP Cargo Bali

In the intricate world of global trade, the journey of your goods begins long before they reach their final destination. This initial leg of the voyage, known as “Pre-Carriage,”...

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IDP Bali Cargo provides several procedures for the smooth delivery of customers. Kindly take the time to read through each step of the standard shipping procedure below. This will...

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Begins when the exporter prepares the goods to be exported by packaging, stuffing it into the container until the goods are ready to be sent. After the goods are...

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