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IDP Bali Cargo provides several procedures for the smooth delivery of customers. Kindly take the time to read through each step of the standard shipping procedure below.

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This will precisely assist your export planning in advance and avoid being charged with additional costs that may occur due to delays and pauses along the way. 


1.    Opening the file

To open a file, we will need the complete and exact details of:
a. The consignee (Address, contact, tel, fax, handphone…)
b. The clearing agent (same).
c. Your address and handphone number in Bali, with a map of your villa or hotel, should we need to pick up some goods there.

2.    Supplier’sinvoice

Each and every supplier’s invoice must show:
a. Every supplier or shop must-have, name, address, phone, what apps.
b. Please use your complete name on invoice and date finish order, total order, deposit, discount(if any), and balance.
c. Take note if you have any special request, agreement, number of items, design, and composition.
d. Please do not miss any single invoice before we make a copy
e. Please inform us if you are going to buy a door, flooring, stone, shell, gazebo, wooden house, bamboo, rattan because of some product special documents export. Also for heavyweight stuff more than 400 kgs per 1m3.

3.    Packing.

a. In case the supplier would like to pack your good please inform us in advance some material packing must international standard n
please give us the packing list. We will not responsible for what contains in the box if packing not by IDP Cargo’s team.
b. Special packing treatment should inform me in advance when giving us an invoice, repacking will charge customers and spend time, energy.

4. Stuffing date

a. Stuffing in Surabaya once a week. And will leave after full container.
Size container 20 feet( L 6 m, W 2.3 m H 2.3 m), 40 feet : (L 12 m,W 2.3 m, H 2.5 m)
b. Please give spare at least one week before loading date in case supplier delay to finish, pick up, and packed.
Because containers must be leaving after stuffing or pay the extra cost n miss the schedule.
c. Please give us detailed instructions, priorities’ list. if the container is full of all identified items if we have empty space so we can collect.

5. Sgs -Veritas- Sucofindo

a. A certain country in Africa or South America, requests the use of an inspection company. We will have to produce a proforma invoice
which will list all your purchases. We will need to wait for an “örder” of inspection prior to loading the container. The final invoice will be
drawn with the inspector at the time of stuffing and we will not be allowed to modify it afterward.

6. Fumigation

a. Australia and New Zealand using Aqis Fumigation
b. USA, Mauritius, and Canada will also need a Phyto-Sanitary Certificate

7.Humidity Absorber.

In order to absorb humidity in the container we suggest cline to put absorber standard 8 pcs 20 feet, 10 pcs 40 feet and 12 pcs 40 HC

8.Commercial Invoice and Packing List.

Please provide us all the necessary information such as price to declare, the current that we should use, material, HS Code, value, personal effect for custom purposes.

9. Quality control is not our responsibility, please make sure your order in good quality before we pick up.

Some products correct sample shoes( pictograms), lamps(electric cable), toys (European protection), shell, bone, animal skin, coffee, etc need special documents. Please consult us before you buy it.

We hope these short guidelines will help you in the export shipment process and we will facilities you.
Thanks your patience to read this point
Kindly regards

Agus Putra Oka Widnyana, S.T.
Business Development & Partnership

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