Feeling like you need some space? New Zealand offers a very high quality of living

New Zealand has got the best of both worlds; there are trendy cities like Wellington and Auckland on the North Island, and stunning mountainous scenery (e.g. the Southern Alps and Fjordland) on the South Island.

Sea freight or air freight?

You just need to decide how you are going to do it. By air freight or sea freight to shipping your belongings to New Zealand, is easy. Let’s us help you to decide…

in rush time we recommend you to use Air freight ad the choice for people who are moving in a rush. A cargo plane will get your things to New Zealand from anywhere in the world in just two to three days. However, it’s also very expensive, with the right calculation it will be worth it with the service that you get.

On the other hand, for you that people who are relocating on a budget. sea freight is significantly less expensive, costing around five times less than air freight. A container ship travels much slower than a cargo plane and will usually take several weeks, so be sure to plan your move well.

If you do confuse between choose air freight or sea freight, just go to this freight site

Major shipping ports

The biggest container terminal in New Zealand is the Port of Tauranga, situated at the northern end of the North Island (on the Pacific Ocean). If you’re moving to Auckland or Wellington, your container will be shipped to the Port of Tauranga, then taken by truck and/or train to your new home. Meanwhile, the biggest container terminal on the South Island is the Port of Lyttelton, which is handy if you’re moving to Christchurch (it’s right beside it).

Clearing customs in New Zealand

We have sent many kinds of items from wood, stones, concrete, rattan, irons, etc. Understanding the customer needs and the nature of your goods, we provide shipping cargo from Bali to NZ with competitive prices and the best quality services. Bear in mind the strictness and complexity of the regulation in the export, especially fumigation of the goods, with our experience we can solve it. We understand every problem needs to be solved case by case. We always up to date with the regulation. From this trusted reputable from our Customer, we always see a better future for long-term partnerships and the Costumer could have more time with family or friends. There is no worry for our costumer for SHIPPING FROM BALI TO NEW ZEALAND.

Check out the official website for New Zealand customs to find out more.

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