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3 Terms and Types of Air Cargo You Need to Know

Air cargo, when we send a cargo from one place to another, there must be regulations that must be fulfilled before shipping occurs, while the terms and types of cargo will be explained below.

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Cargo Acceptance Requirements

According to IATA TACT Rules, in general there are several things that need to be considered in order to receive cargo, cargo must be included in the Ready for Carriage category with the following conditions:

  1. Air Way Bill. The air way bill is filled in correctly, according to the TACT Rules.
  2. Documentation. All documents required for each shipment must be accompanied by other necessary supporting documents.
  3. Marking of package. All cargo from each shipment must be marked as follows: Show Consignee’s name, street name and city address in accordance with MAWB.
  4. Packing. The contents of each shipment must be packaged properly in accordance with the normal limits of transportation. dangerous good must be packaged according to the IATA rules Dangerous goods regulation, for live animals refer to the IATA live animal regulation rules.
  5. Labeling of package. The label must be completely visible and all labels or marks that have long been replaced must be replaced.
  6. Shipper declaration for dangerous goods. This document must be signed and completed as per the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations.
  7. Shipper certification for live animals. This document must be signed and completed as per the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations.

Types of Cargo

Based on the handling, cargo is divided into two big groups, namely general cargo and special cargo. Meanwhile, based on the method of service and type of product, cargo is divided into general cargo, special shipments, and dangerous cargo products. As for the types of cargo as follows:

A. General Cargo

General Cargo is ordinary shipment items so it does not need to require special handling, but still must meet the specified requirements and safety aspects. Examples of goods that are categorized as general cargo include: household goods, office equipment, sports equipment, clothing (garment, textiles) and others.

B. Special Cargo

Special cargo is shipment items that require special handling. This type of goods can basically be transported by air transport and must meet the requirements and special handling in accordance with IATA regulations and or carrier. Goods or materials included in the special cargo category are:

  1. Live Animal (AVI) are live animals sent by airplane such as chicks, horses, goats, fish etc.
  2. Human Remain (HUM) is a human corpse. HUM, which is divided into two namely:

       – Un-cremated in coffin is a corpse that is still in the form of a body which is transported using a coffin.

        – Cremated, which is a body that has been in the form of ash (ashes) and is usually sent using a jar or wooden box.

  1. Perishable goods (PER) are goods that are easily damaged, destroyed, or rotten, such as fruits, vegetables, meat, flowers, fish and plant seeds.
  2. Valuable goods (VAL) are goods that have high value or valuables such as gold, diamonds, diamonds, checks, platinum, etc.
  3. Strongly smelling goods are goods that have a very strong odor such as durian, perfume, eucalyptus oil.
  4. Live Human Organs (LHO) are goods in the form of human organs that still function such as the eyeball, kidney, liver.
  5. Diplomatic Pouch (DIP), diplomatic shipment items.

C. Dangerous Goods

Dangerous goods are goods that are dangerous and can cause damage to the environment, human and flight safety, types of dangerous goods include:

  1. Explosive goods (REX) are dangerous goods that explode easily such as gunpowder, bullets, firecrackers, fireworks.
  2. Gasses (RPG) are volatile items such as Butane, Hydrogen, Propane.
  3. Flammable liquids (RFL) are goods that are liquid and flammable, such as certain paints, alcohols, varnishes.
  4. Flammable Solids (RFS) are solid and flammable items such as Matches
  5. Oxidizing Substances (ROX) & Organic peroxide are volatile items, if inhaled humans cause dizziness or drowsiness such as Calcium chlorate, ammonium nitrate.
  6. Toxic (RPB) & Infectious Substances (RIS) are goods that contain poisons such as cyanide, pesticides, live viruses, living bacteria, HIV viruses.
  7. Radioactive Material (RFW) is a substance that when exposed to light will react and can be harmful to humans, animals and some types of cargo.
  8. Corrosives (RCM) are items that contain rust such as battery acid and mercury.
  9. Miscellaneous Dangerous goods (RMD) are other items that are considered dangerous and threaten the safety of aviation if it is transported using air transportation such as magnets, prickly heat, vehicles, electric wheelchairs etc.

That is the types of cargo that are usually sent, not all goods can be treated the same, every item can get special treatment to avoid the things that are not wanted, so from that the goods are classified to facilitate the process of shipping the goods.

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