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Types of Shipping Modes Explained – Which is the Best for Your Business?

Are you confused about the shipping mode to choose to deliver your product to the customer? Worry-free, we will discuss it in this article.

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Shipping by Air

Air transport benefits are minimizing the time and costs associated with transporting goods. A streamlined process for planning and executing international shipments allows faster turnaround times, accessible to all regions regardless of land obstruction. The airfreight option is best for your business, except for anything extremely heavyweight.

Shipping by air is usually the most expensive compared to the other modes of transportation. Products shipped through air transport are generally called express shipping as the shipping speed is faster, and being delivered sooner will make it slightly more expensive. Your packages can be delivered via air transport in a week.

benefit air transport

Shipping by Land

This is most useful when delivering items intercity. Usually, Trucks are used for transporting goods as they have considerable space for shipping bulkier items such as construction materials and vehicles.

Shipping by road is mostly for short-distance delivery like intra-city deliveries. Shipping by land is much more preferred for heavy goods. Shipping electronic goods like refrigerators, televisions, ACs, etc.

benefit land transport

Shipping by Sea

Shipping is done through the sea for various purposes, such as military or commercial. If you need to transport large and complex cargo, such as industrial plants, power plants, or construction materials, then shipping by sea is the solution. This method involves the movement of goods in large packages or bundles that cannot be placed into a container. It is ideal for heavy equipment, machinery, and large furniture.

Shipping through the sea can take almost everything; however, shipping cargo through the ocean is not recommended when you want your product delivered fast.

benefit sea transport

Reminder When Choosing which one is the Best for You

Choosing the proper mode of transportation for your business can help you reduce your shipping and logistics costs. Now that we know about the various shipping modes let us look at the factors you should consider while choosing your shipping mode.

Freight Cost

While shipping your goods, the budget should always be one of the most important factors with the many type and amounts of goods that need to be transported; the price will be the factor. Remember that the “hidden costs,” such as insurance charges, will be added to their overall transportation cost.

Type of Goods

You must know your products before shipping how fragile, high-value, or dangerous your product is. It is very important which transport mode you should opt for. High-value and delicate products are considered the best land and air modes option. Smaller items usually use land and air transport. The sea option prefers heavy goods.


Consult before deciding which is the best. The faster, the sooner the product is in the customer’s hand. Air transport is considered the fastest mode of transportation, while water transport is the slowest.


We all want our products to be safe during transit. Choose freight service carefully to minimize risk; usually, water transport is riskier than air transport due to the perils of the sea.


All three modes of shipping-land, air, and sea-play a significant role in our economy. Each offers benefits that the other mode of transport might not provide. It would be best if you made a well-informed decision about choosing the correct shipping mode to benefit your business.

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