Bali is famous for its natural beauty and culture. The unique culture of Bali is not only seen in its daily activities or its religious ceremonies. Some of Bali’s handicraft products also represent the Balinese culture itself. because of its beauty, some of these products are also in demand by foreign consumers, even Bali also exports these products. These products are:

  1. Bali Silver Jewelry

Bali is famous for its beautiful silver, and there are various forms of silver produced by Balinese craftsmen, not only the beautiful shape. Bali craftsmen usually produce a product that is rich in philosophical meaning. This is also one of the added values ​​of the product. The shape of the silver product is also diverse, ranging from earrings, necklaces, rings, to bracelets.


  1. Painting

A beautiful culture whose terms of meaning are also displayed in the form of paintings, Balinese paintings have a beautiful blend of story and circumstances. Paintings by painters in Bali usually have a characteristic that is to describe the atmosphere of beauty with a variety of circumstances and cultures.


  1. Sculpture Crafts

It is no secret that Bali is an island that has high artistic value, this is also reflected in various kinds of handicrafts owned by Bali. Crafts that are also unique and become a special attraction are Balinese sculptures. These various forms of sculpture also have their philosophies. Some statues are also usually found in temples or places of worship of Balinese Hindus.


  1. Furniture

Bali furniture is also considered more artistic because there are various types of carvings therein. There are many types of furniture produced in Bali and with a variety of different carvings. Not only that, but the carvings found in Balinese furniture are also known for their philosophical meanings and values. Carvings in typical Balinese furniture have also added value to the cultural representation typical of Bali.


  1. Clothing Products

Bali is also famous for its various types of distinctive clothes. some of them are made by hand that uses interesting colors. Bali clothes are also famous for its beautiful motifs.

That’s the various types of Balinese products that have been exported overseas. The beauty that is offered with a unique cultural value becomes its own added value, why finally these Bali production products can penetrate foreign markets. You can also get the above products from home, are you interested? You can visit the IDP Cargo website for more information, and let us handle the rest.