Coffee has many enthusiasts. This is evidenced by the increasing number of coffee shops in the world, especially in Indonesia. For most people, drinking coffee is believed to be able to have a pleasant effect and be able to increase productivity.



In Indonesia, coffee is also one of the items served by the host to his guests when visiting. No wonder this can happen because, Indonesia is famous as a producer of good quality coffee. Almost all regions in Indonesia can produce good quality coffee.

One of the regions in Indonesia which is famous for coffee in Bali. Bali, was not only blessed with extraordinary natural beauty. but Bali is also famous for its coffee that has a soft and sweet taste, the coffee is Kintamani Coffee.

Kintamani Coffee is a type of Arabica coffee which means this coffee grows in areas with an altitude of 700-1700 meters above sea level. This area is considered a plateau with cool temperatures between 16-20 degrees Celsius. More precisely Kintamani Coffee grows in mountainous areas with altitudes reaching 900 meters above sea level.

Because it is an Arabica type of coffee, it is not surprising that Kintamani Coffee has a distinctive aroma. This is because the taste and aroma of Arabica coffee are also influenced by the surrounding plants. This also makes Kintamani coffee have a different aroma than most other coffees.

Kintamani Coffee is famous for its orange scent. It turned out that the aroma arises because Kintamani coffee is planted not far from the orange plantations.

The caffeine content of Kintamani Coffee is low or in the range of 0.9-1.4 percent. The amount of caffeine that tends to be low makes Kintamani Coffee soft and not thick when brewed. So that this coffee is fairly comfortable in the stomach, not only that because of the low caffeine content Kintamani coffee can still be enjoyed for people who are just starting to try drinking coffee.

When tasted Kintamani Coffee has a rich taste, higher sugar content in Kintamani Coffee (this happens because Kintamani coffee is Arabica coffee) makes Kintamani coffee taste sweet and sour. This varied aroma and taste make Kintamani coffee recommended to be enjoyed original without added sugar.

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