Let’s Change the Atmosphere to Get More Creativity!

Working from Home makes you feel bored? If you agreed with this statement then you have to do something to change it. An attractive working room will help you to be more productive and increase your creativity! Here are 5 steps that you can do to make your room more attractive!

  1. Change your working room position

During WFH how long have you been seat and working on the same places? 1 month? 2 month? Or more than that? Now it is your turn to change it. You probably get bored because of the same places that you used to do your job. As a replacement and make a new atmosphere you can use a small corner in your home as a new office. Just try it and it will help you to be more joyful!


  1. Use Minimalism Concept

Try to use minimal products or things on your corner. Minimalism method will help you to focus because the minimal product on your table will make you more focused on your job instead of thinking about the others thing. Using the minimal product in your working room also will help you to #saveyourmoney because you just need minimal products on it.


  1. Change the Atmosphere

If the minimalism concept didn’t work on you then you have to try other things to change your room. One of them is to make your room have holiday vibes. It will help you if you found out yourself got tired of everything. To make holiday vibes in your room then you can use some stuff that you like. For example, if you like the beach a lot. You can use the surfboard as a display. You didn’t have it? Then, you can order it online and we can send it to you!


  1. Change the furniture

You can change your old furniture with the new one. Also if you tired with a type of that furniture you can use a classic one. For example, you can use furniture from Bali because it’s more classical and more beautiful. You can get it without even going to Bali, you can order it and we can use #Seafreight to make it come to you!


  1. Use plants

Plants will increase your mood and will make you feel more healthy. Plants always work to make you feel enjoy working on your job. If you feel tired of working routine then you can look at your plants and make you feel fresh.


After reading this, did you think you need to change your working room now? If you looking for new products or things to help you decor your working room, you can visit our website to get more information to order it.